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Last months I’ve being doing some tasks in order to become a Debian Maintainer.

First, because of some requirements at work, I have being repackaging some pieces of software so I’ve learned about the Debian packages architecture. Once I was confident with what I was doing and I needed to know more about customizing a package (not just rebuilding one) I read the Debian New Maintainers’ Guide and the Debian Policy Manual, I made some new packages and subscribe myself to the Debian mailing lists I thought they would be profitable.

Some weeks after that I realized the amount of mails I was receiving was so huge that I hadn’t the time to even skim them in order to read the interesting ones so I desubscribe myself from the lists I knew I wasn’t going to read ever.

Indeed, some weeks ago, the amount of mails received from the lists I thought I could read was so big that now I’m starting to think of desubscribing myself from all the mailing lists but the mentors one.

In the end, I’ve not found the time needed to start the race to become a Debian Maintainer. I think the dedication needed is so high that I should spend a cople of hours everyday.

I hope I could find an orphaned package interesting enough to give me the energy to retry to be a Debian Maintainer ;-).

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