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  1. The NSLU2 is quite «powerless» compared to nowaday’s «plug computers» so you may want to chose some tasks that are not quite CPU consuming.

    Usually, they are used as torrent and emule clients. Also as UPnP servers, proxies, Samba servers or SSH stations.

    You can find quite good suggestions from my mates, as I wrote in the post:

    And of course, from:

  2. @tanty

    Weird, I did not get an email about your response…
    if I had not browsed back here, I would never have known that you responded!
    Thanks mate, excellent links, I will definitely have a close look, thanks again!

  3. Using Rhythmbox with Grilo 0.2 to browse UPnP/DNLA shares from either miniDLNA or MediaTomb has been broken since Rhythmbox was upgraded to use Grilo 0.2. The bug, #682574, was reported on 2012-08-23 22:02:00 UTC but has been appropriately ignored.

  4. Thanks for reporting about https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=682574 . I’m now CCing myself to it and will try to check whether I can do something about it.

    I’m still an (unfortunate) Ubuntu user without proper support for Grilo. Hence, while I’ve not managed to allocate some time for updating the PPAs for Grilo 0.2 with Rhythmbox and Totem I’m unaware of how is Grilo’s support on any of them.

    Can you report about Totem? Is it working correctly.

    Honestly, the speed at which Ubuntu is adding Grilo 0.2 support properly is quite dispairing 🙁

  5. I was looking for a UPNP aware media player in Linux and finally found your website. Followed you instructions and it worked! Good instructions and good software – Thanks!

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