6 comentarios en “(English) Switching between nouveau and the nVIDIA proprietary OpenGL driver in (Debian) GNU/Linux

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  2. I’m currently using Debian Testing an it keeps working for me.

    Just be aware that, when upgrading, you may end with a messy set of packages, with different versions of the nVidia packages, kernel module and running kernel.

    If you have a coherent set of packages, it is working correctly, AFAIK.

  3. it is really bothering one cannot just launch apps chosing which renderer use, e.g.

    OPENGL=nvidia glxgears


    OPENGL=mesa glxgears

    That would be much more flexible!

  4. Have into account that this post has become a bit old. Debian (and other distros) makes the change between drivers much easier nowadays.

    In any case, rebooting is almost a must since you will have to unload a kernel module and load a different one no matter what. I suppose it’s possible to do it without rebooting but probably it’s not advisable.

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