A Coruña proposed to hold GUADEC and aKademy 2009

As this will be my first post at planet GNOME, first I would like to thank Jeff for giving me a place between all of you, and I will introduce briefly myself.

My name is Andres Gomez, I’ve been using free software for 8 years, and I’m a free software developer since 2003, when I joined Igalia. As most of my mates, I contributed to project Fisterra, a free software framework for developing enterprise applications, and I’ve been lately involved in some projects related to Maemo technologies.

Now the interesting part of the post 😉

As my mate Chema has published recently in his blog, people from GPUL, Igalia and University of A Coruña have presented a proposal to co-host GUADEC and aKademy next year in A Coruña. The intention was to show all the possibilities that our city and team have in order to organize such a great event to the community.

Foto nocturna de la bahía del Orzán desde el monte de San Pedro (Coruña)

The proposal’s main idea is:”We want to organize a conference by community people for community people“. Here, in A Coruña, we have the facilities, a passionate team and a lot of ideas after attending several conferences and organizing lots of events (DudesConf 2008, GUAdemy 2007, Guadec-ES 2005, …). We know how important the details are, as well as having second options in case the first one could eventually fail. The main goal is to invest a big effort in achieving that people can come here next year. Because of this, the main expense in our budget will go for helping people to attend the event through sponsoring as many people as possible. That will be feasible thanks to the contribution of the University and volunteers. They will provide, almost for free, all the basics needed to run these two conferences. Also, our regional government, Xunta de Galicia, has an important commitment with this proposal and great confidence in our work at every level. So here it is the final proposal:

BTW, if these events are finally going to be hold here, I will volunteer on them so I will be able to give you advices to visit this beautiful Galician city placed in the north-western coast of Spain 🙂 .

4 thoughts on “A Coruña proposed to hold GUADEC and aKademy 2009

  1. Enough with the Spanish proposals already! Don’t we have any GNOME users and hackers in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Italy…? I want to have GUADEC somewhere new and interesting, not just Spain every other year!

  2. You are free to propose any place you want to hold GUADEC 🙂

    In any case, I woldn’t compare A Coruña to Seville or Vilanova i la Geltrú at all. Spain is a very rich country and every region is a totally amazing and beautiful place to discover 😉

  3. Hola!

    Pues sí que es casualidad, incluso tenemos la misma edad 🙂

    Estaré en la GUADEC de Turquía este año, junto con un gran desembarco de Igalos y, ya que lo sé, iré a tu charla.

    Nos vemos!!!

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