Wanted: Dead or Alive


As you should know by the time being, since another Igalians have talked about it recently, Igalia has hold its fourth summit, last weekend in Pontevedra. There has been a lot of new blood since the last summit I attended, almost two years ago, but some others have gone. We wish good luck to them.

In this summit we have fit to the usual schedule, having a lot of time to talk among all the Igalians, get a better knowledge of the mates we work with, and also from those we don’t see so usually, as we are splitted in two locations, one in A Coruña and the other in Pontevedra. Also we spoke about the past, present and exciting future of the company 🙂 .

We have had a lot of fun and everything has gone quite well due to the good work done by the organizer and new brand HR promise, Eva María Loureiro (I’m writing this just to embarrass her 😉 ).

As you probably know, there is not plenty of girls here in Igalia, probably because computing and moreover, Free Software, is not very appealing for them, but the three we have here give sense to the well known Spanish song “Las chicas son guerreras”. If you don’t believe me, just take a look to the fierce look in the Wanted banner on top of this post, taken just before The Arbo War we hold here between the red and green teams. Just herself alone beat a whole green team batallion 🙂 bringing the flag we were competing for to the red campsite.

The Arbo War was not matter of joke. Almost all of us got injured. Indeed, I got my knee severely injured and, while I’m recovering for the next battle, I have had the idea of taking advantage of the amazing photos taken by Mario and, the war journalists, Antia (the third and last great girl in Igalia) and Javier Muñoz, so I’ve been creating some “Wanted banners”, inspired in the old west.

If you are an Igalian and want to be hold in the walls of the towns from here to Pecos river, just tell me and I’ll try to do my best 😉

What do you think?

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