Igalia wallpapers

Igalia wallpaper for the N9/N950

“Igalia wallpaper for the N9/N950”

Some weeks ago we decided to do an upgrade to the information that we are showing in our Igalia’s website. Due to these changes, I had the chance to play a little bit with some new graphic material that was used in the upgrade.

As a result, I’ve created based on Opsou’s Pedro Figueras original idea some different wallpapers for most of my GNU/Linux powered devices.

Just click in the images and go to download them at their original resolution.

I’ve uploaded it to a public Git repository which you can download with the following command:

~#  git clone http://git.igalia.com/art/wallpapers.git
4x3 Igalia wallpaper

“4×3 Igalia wallpaper”

16x9 Igalia wallpaper

“16×9 Igalia wallpaper”

Igalia wallpaper for the N900/N810/N800/N770

“Igalia wallpaper for the N900/N810/N800/N770”

GUADEC 2012 T-Shirts and other [d|r]usty artwork

Let’s go quickly to the important stuff: I’ve been helping the great team that is organizing GUADEC 2012 in A Coruña. I cannot count myself among this amazing group of people since I’ve scarcely devoted any time to the tasks they needed from me but this is the result out of it, in the shape of a t-shirt 🙂

GUADEC 2012 Attendant T-Shirt

I cannot get all the credit of it, I was basing the final design on the previous work done by William Carlson and some drafts done by Alba Castro. You can find all the material in this public git repository hosted at Igalia.

Also, I did a small variation for the t-shirts of the staff, which will be red. This is back of the female’s version:

GUADEC 2012 Staff T-Shirt

Doing artwork for GNOME events is no new thing for me. I’ve been regularly doing some stuff for them. Some just for Igalia, my company, but also some other for the event itself.


Last thing I designed before 2012 were the t-shirts (again) for the GUADEC-ES 2010 that took place also in Coruña. I got inspired that year by the soccer world cup that would be won by Spain (yeah!!!). Here you can see the 3 versions, starting by the Brazil one:

GUADEC-ES 2010 Brazil T-Shirt FrontGUADEC-ES 2010 Brazil T-Shirt Back


GUADEC-ES 2010 Denmark T-Shirt FrontGUADEC-ES 2010 Denmark T-Shirt Back

And a female’s version:

GUADEC-ES 2010 Female T-Shirt FrontGUADEC-ES 2010 Female T-Shirt Back

This last model is the one that holds the final sorting of the back logos that was printed for all the t-shirts. Actually, Xulia Barros, from FreeWear did a small modification to the final design leaving some space among the lines for the “7” in the back.

Again, you can find all the material in this public git repository hosted at Igalia.


Even before 2010 I found myself tangled with The Gimp, Sodipodi and Inkscape, later. In 2006 I did a small design for that year’s GUADEC-ES which consisted on the header:

GUADEC-ES 2006 Header

and foot of its webpage:

GUADEC-ES 2006 Foot

The lady was inspired on Pasiphaë who has a sculpture in Vilanova’s see shore while the sea tide was inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

You can find all the material in this public git repository hosted at Igalia.

And finally getting to the end … or maybe better the beginning.


In 2005 Coruña was hosting for the first of several times the GUADEC-ES. For that event I did most of the artwork that was used. Web page, printed banners, badges, talks’ book, but one of the things that I was most proud of was the animated banners that were featuring for some time in Barrapunto, the Spanish version of Slashdot:

GUADEC-ES 2005 Banner Animation

And I learn to do it the hard way. You cannot imagine how difficult was by the time to do a GIF animation with The GIMP!

Also, that year was a great one for the t-shirts. Most of the attendants liked them and we had them in several colors: red, green, blue, orange and, as always (or almost 😉 ), black. I think that was once in a lifetime for a hacker’s conference 😀

GUADEC-ES 2005 T-Shirt

Even, with Chema‘s help, the master of organizing events, I was experimenting with some sketches done directly in the sand, from which I got inspired to do the rest of the material:

GNOME in the sand

Of course, you can find all the material in this public git repository hosted at Igalia.

BTW, if you have been able to read this boring post until here, you are my hero 😀

Extending the life of your N8x0: Second update for Automatic Skype Launcher

Back again with a new release, the 0.0.3, of Applications Fullscreener and Automatic Skype Launcher.

Just download and install them in your N8x0 for making it become a good 24/7 Skype phone. For more information about the goals and features of this project you can check the previous post Extending the life of your N8x0: Automatic Skype Launcher.

Skype Tango Icon

I took the chance to update also the artwork used in these two applications. First thing, I created a Tango-ized version of the Skype logo.

Then, I used the previous magnificent art works from Andreas Nilsson and Jakub Steiner to create the new icons, and these are the result:

Applications Fullscreener Icon Applications Fullscreener Debian Package Icon Applications Fullscreener Icon Applications Fullscreener Settings Icon

Anyway, going to the actual changes.

The most important change for Applications Fullscreener is:

  • There was a second bash helper to launch a certain application and send the fullscreen key event some time afterwards. It was not fully featured but now it is.

You can, also, check the complete ChangeLog for Applications Fullscreener.

The most important changes for Automatic Skype Launcher are:

  • The Automatic Skype Launcher service was not stopping when uninstalled. Now this is corrected.
  • The init service was not starting correctly in some scenarios due to some uninitialized variables. This has been corrected.
  • In the previous version, I added an alarm triggered by the alarmd daemon to restart Skype (and the service). This was not working always. Now, killing Skype is forced.

You can, also, check the complete ChangeLog for Automatic Skype Launcher.

That’s it. Comments and patches are welcomed!

Grub2 splash theme for Igalia

Igalia Grub2 splash

Following with the idea of creating a full theme for Igalia covering the whole artwork that is shown in a Gnome desktop. I’ve created a Debian package and a sample picture to place in the Grub2 splash, at the computer startup. I’ve uploaded it to a public Git repository which you can download with the following command:

$ git clone http://git.igalia.com/art/grub2-igalia-splashimages.git

You can create and install the Debian package with:

$ cd grub2-igalia-splashimages
$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
$ dpkg -i ../grub2-igalia-splashimages*deb

In order to use any of the images in the package to show as Grub2 splash, you just have change a line like:

$ cat /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme 
  for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base}/moreblue-orbit-grub.{png,tga} ; do
  set color_normal=black/black
  set color_highlight=magenta/black


$ cat /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme 
  for i in {/boot/grub,/usr/share/images/desktop-base,/usr/share/images/grub}/igalia_black.{png,tga} ; do
  set color_normal=light-gray/black
  set color_highlight=white/black

and run:

$  update-grub2

Grub splash theme for Igalia

Igalia Grub splash

Lately, some people at Igalia have been thinking about creating a full theme for the company covering the whole artwork that is shown in a Gnome desktop. With this in mind, I’ve been playing for a while in order to create some sample pictures to place in the Grub splash, at the computer startup. I’ve create my first serie of 3 images and I’ve uploaded them, and the material needed to create them, in a public Git repository which you can download with the following command:

$ git clone http://git.igalia.com/art/grub-theme-igalia.git

I’ve not created a Debian package to comfortable install them yet but, in the meanwhile, I suggest to make use of the “mini” version, which thumbnail you can see at the top of this post. Just compress the file with gzip (not really needed) and place it in the  your favorite directory for Grub splash images. For example:

$ gzip -c igalia-grub-splash-mini.xpm > /boot/grub/igalia-grub-splash-mini.xpm.gz

Then, you just have to select such splash image in the “menu.lst” grub file. Also, I recommend to modify the preferred background and foreground colors for the booting menu:

$ cat /boot/grub/menu.lst


Ubuntu Usplash theme for Igalia revamped (a.k.a. Jaunty’s edition)

Jaunty Usplash 300x225

Following my post about the creation of an Usplash theme for Igalia, I’ve just revamped the package and artwork to the latest stable version of Ubuntu. Therefore, as always, helped by Juan, here you are the i386 package for Ubuntu Jaunty, or the source code from our brand new public Git repository, if you want to play with it, through the following command:

$ git clone http://git.igalia.com/art/usplash-theme-igalia.git

Ubuntu usplash theme for Igalia

Usplash 300x225

As you may know, every now and then I try to convince myself that I have an idea about drawing or doing cool stuff 😉 . My last attempt, helped by Juan, has been an Usplash theme for Igalia, based on Hardy’s one for Ubuntu. You can download the proper i386 package for Ubuntu, or the source code from our public CVS repository, if you want to play with it, through the following command:

$ cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.igalia.com:/var/publiccvs co art/usplash-theme-igalia

Update: I almost forgot. If you have more than one Usplash theme installed you can select to use Igalia’s one with the following command:

$ update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-igalia

Update2: Thanks to Manuel, we have now an amd64 version for Ubuntu 🙂 .

Wanted: Dead or Alive


As you should know by the time being, since another Igalians have talked about it recently, Igalia has hold its fourth summit, last weekend in Pontevedra. There has been a lot of new blood since the last summit I attended, almost two years ago, but some others have gone. We wish good luck to them.

In this summit we have fit to the usual schedule, having a lot of time to talk among all the Igalians, get a better knowledge of the mates we work with, and also from those we don’t see so usually, as we are splitted in two locations, one in A Coruña and the other in Pontevedra. Also we spoke about the past, present and exciting future of the company 🙂 .

We have had a lot of fun and everything has gone quite well due to the good work done by the organizer and new brand HR promise, Eva María Loureiro (I’m writing this just to embarrass her 😉 ).

As you probably know, there is not plenty of girls here in Igalia, probably because computing and moreover, Free Software, is not very appealing for them, but the three we have here give sense to the well known Spanish song “Las chicas son guerreras”. If you don’t believe me, just take a look to the fierce look in the Wanted banner on top of this post, taken just before The Arbo War we hold here between the red and green teams. Just herself alone beat a whole green team batallion 🙂 bringing the flag we were competing for to the red campsite.

The Arbo War was not matter of joke. Almost all of us got injured. Indeed, I got my knee severely injured and, while I’m recovering for the next battle, I have had the idea of taking advantage of the amazing photos taken by Mario and, the war journalists, Antia (the third and last great girl in Igalia) and Javier Muñoz, so I’ve been creating some “Wanted banners”, inspired in the old west.

If you are an Igalian and want to be hold in the walls of the towns from here to Pecos river, just tell me and I’ll try to do my best 😉

What do you think?

La espera ha sido larga … pero ha merecido la pena :)

Premio GuadaLinuex 1

De nuevo, sólo han tenido que pasar otros 9 meses y otros 3 viajes a Helsinki para que pueda retomar el tema del que os hablaba en una entrada reciente, pero por fin están aquí, mis premios por haber estado entre los primeros en el concurso de fondos de escritorio de GuadaLinex.

Premio GuadaLinuex 2

Ahora sólo me falta decidir a donde van a ir a parar estos bonitos peluches. Uno irá a la oficina de A Grela de Igalia, en A Coruña, que es donde trabajo de forma habitual (no, aún no asumo que estoy más tiempo en Finlandia que en España :p ), y donde podrá hacer compañía a otro par de animalitos espachurrables que habitan de forma promocional en las tierras de nuestros escritorios de trabajo. El otro, con gran probabilidad se lo regalaré a mi sobrinita que dentro de poco cumplirá 3 años. La razón, a parte de la edad y el vínculo familiar, es que, de lejos, es la mujer que mejor me ha tratado en los últimos tiempos (a pesar de que a veces se niegue a darme algún beso 😀 ).

Y ahora, con un poco de ánimo y fuerza de voluntad frente a la página en blanco, tengo el firme propósito de actualizar mi blog con unas cuantas entradas sobre mis últimas experiencias, en pisos que parecen sacados de una película de tarzán, y otros temas de similar rareza, pero mejor no adelantar nada 🙂 …

Cogiendo de nuevo la pluma y el pincel

Fondo de escritorio con Andatuz y un olivo

Ya ha pasado bastante tiempo desde mi última publicación escrita en Helsinki así que, de vuelta en Coruña (ya puedo decir que estoy en casa puesto que me he empadronado 😉 ), por fin me he decidido a escribir con un tema y dibujos para las habituales capturas que acompañan a mis artículos.

Hace unas semanas Guadalinex convocó un concurso de fondos de escritorio. El premio: una camiseta y un peluche de Andatuz, su mascota. Puesto que estoy haciendo renovación de camisetas freakies, me decidí a presentarme.

Fondo de escritorio logo Guadalinex

Como le dije a vari@s amig@s, mi imaginación quedó muy mermada después de 8º de E.G.B. (la quema de neuronas adolescentes no perdona) así que intenté que las mentes lúcidas que me rodean (no demasiado lúcidas viendo la cantidad de ideas recibidas 😀 ) me iluminaran con su sabiduría y, tras varias noches de insomnio y trabajo Inkscaperil (palabro made in Mario) este es el resultado (?) que pude enviar a última hora, justo antes de que acabara el plazo, este pasado viernes 16 de marzo.

A partir de entonces, y hasta el próximo 16 de abril se ha abierto el plazo de votaciones que decidirán los 20 ganadores de este concurso. Como no confío demasiado en mi talento he decidido hacer una petición a vosotros, lectores eventuales de mi blog 😉 . Para votarme lo único que tenéis que hacer es registraros en la página de Guadalinex y seguir las instrucciones que se proporcionan en la página del concurso.

Ah, se me olvidaba, mis dibujos están en la cuarta página del concurso.