hackergotchie proposal for my entries at planet.igalia.com

agomez's hackergotchie

Following with the art serie and the planet.igalia.com subject, this time I’ve being drawing a hackergotchie proposal for myself. This picture is inspired in my own logo and the beautiful drawings made by Ayo. Also, the colours palette is the Tango Project palette, which would give a common style to the full set of hackergotchies, if I finally do them, but, I’m sorry, currently I’ve not following the rest Tango icon guidelines. ASAP I’ll try to draw some desktop icon proposals following the whole guideline.

First time I knew about Ayo’s artwork was when I was working at the A Coruña’s city council educational network. The main work there was giving support to the thin clients used in the computing classes at schools and I did some artwork for CoruniX, the Debian based distro used in the thin clients. I asked Ayo in order to give me permission for using his frozen bubbles‘ penguins as a template for one of the CoruniX friends.

Anyway, I’ve done only my hackergotchie because we, at Igalia, are dicussing about what to use as hacergotchies. In the end, we probably will be using the «heads cut» – sorry Jordi 😉 – used in another «planets» like planet.gnome.org. I think they should be more useful if we want to be recognized whenever we go to meetings like GUADEC.

What do you think?