Honored to share with you: 4 new partners at Igalia

Lately I’ve not been blogging that often. My daily work has lead me to be more involved in the coordination of development teams rather than in the development itself. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to talk about this or that GNOME related technology.

Even, early this week, I’ve been attending a Scrum Mastering course. Not that I’m a crazy fan of Scrum. As other Agile methodologies, it has pros and cons so, better you get what it works for you and forget about the rest. But that would be the subject for another post …

This post is about an event that happened at Igalia some days ago which maybe you already are aware of.

Four Igalians have joint the group of shareholders of the company and this is not something that happens every day.

Being already an owner myself, I’m really happy and honored of these 4 fellows having accepted the offer to get a part of my company:

    Alejandro Piñeiro, or API, as he is broader known, has been involved in GNOME related technologies for quite a lot. However, you may know him for his Accessibility work, mainly with Hildon, Clutter and Gnome Shell.
    Javier Muñoz is one of the Igalians in the shadow since, as an experienced sysadmin and team coordinator, has less opportunities to have some focus and receive congratulations. Not surprisingly, Igalia is able to run every day because of his restless effort 🙂

Personally, I think it is something logical to extend the sharing philosophy of the Free Software to the management and decisions taking processes of the company. Our greatest good is our staff and what they have been working for is exactly the same values for what the founders created Igalia 9 years ago, having into account our self imposed professional, internal and social responsibilities.

All, in all, I’m very happy today 🙂

Congrats, guys, I’m really honored of sharing with you!!!